Friday, 12 May 2017

Leadership around the school (merit week 1, blog post 3)

Today at morning tea a little girl came up to me a bit upset. She had no one to play with, so I played with her. I showed community by giving up my time to help anther person.

Pals (merit week 1, blog post 2)

Today Maddy and I had PALs. It was a bit wet so the field was wet, we helped out with jump jam in the hall. While I was doing my duty I showed the value of community by giving up my lunch time.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Technology (merit week 1, blog post 1)

Today we had technology. I'm doing science this pentad. Today we dissected muscles and seeing what the body parts were. While I was there I showed respect by listening to the teacher and not being silly.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Novel book review

Image result for ghosts bookThe story Ghosts is about two sisters named Catrina and Maya. There family moved to a new strange town named Bahía de la Luna that was all about ghosts, all everybody would talk about was ghosts.When the girls were exploring the new town they met a boy named Carlos he was a worker that would take people on tours around town and tell them facts about the ghosts. While Carlos was showing the girls around the town and where the ghosts where Maya got to excited when she saw the ghost and the worst happens

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Rileys Chinses test

WALT vocabulary and phrases about the Family.

On my Chinese test I got 7 out of 10 and 70%
I am very happy for what score I got.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pokeyman and the voice

It all started 76 years ago in a land far far away, well in New York city, there lived Jacob Sartorius. He tried hard to sing but he just couldn't, he sounded like a dying illama. BUT, on the other side of the world in a land called China lived Pokeyman who was the world's best singer, well in his mind he was. When Jacob heard about this he was devastated. So Jacob set off on an adventure to get Pokeyman’s voice. Jacob wants to be the very best singer no one ever was. So he’s going to get the voice of Pokeyman. On the way there he fell in a hole.
“Oh no,” he cried.

Pokeyman received a phone call on his pokey phone, he picked it up and this is what happened
“Hello Pokeyman I'm coming after your voice and you'll never get it back,” said the unknown voice. Pokeyman wasn't scared because EVERYONE wants his voice but it never happens.
One year later Jacob had made it to China. Now he has to find the pokey cave. Jacob didn't Know where to start it was like he was lost in the ocean. Jacob saw millions of caved in places but not the pokey cave. But what he didn't know is that the pokey cave is in the city where most people won't think a cave would be. Jacob finally gave up on looking in all the caves in the mountains. So he decided to go to the city and stay the night in a hotel and find some food. He found a Chinese hotel to stay the night in that provided free food.

Early next morning at the crack of dawn Jacob set off to find the pokey cave (again). Meanwhile in the Pokey cave Pokeyman received a phone call from a unknown person he picked up the phone and this is what it said, “I'm here in China Pokeyman and I WILL get your voice”.
Suddenly the phone hung there beeping…. Pokemon thought that it could be true so he diced to lock up his voice.

A few moments later Pokeman heard a huge bang. Pokeyman stepped quietly to the locked door. He saw Zubat hitting the wall over and over again because he was sleep flying. But on the other side of the room Pokeyman saw a little Elf fly in trew the window Pokeyman got the fly swat and banged it POOF the little Elf came flying down and laid there. Pokeyman heard a deep voice that sounded like a moose. He walked step by step to where the sound came from AHAH there was a ugly monster standing in front of Pokeyman. It was Jacob. Pokeyman didn't believe it that Jacob really came for his voice. Jacob walked up to Pokeyman and said “Give me your voice or it will get more horrible”. Pokeyman said no i'm good. Jacob was not happy with that so Jacob pulled out his Elf squad and Pokeyman pulled out his Zubat.
Jacob said, “Elf squad go”
Pokeyman said, “Zubat I choose you”,
The elves and Zubats kept on hitting and fighting each other until Jacob had enough so he started singing and Pokeyman fell to the ground he said, “Get me some bleech”.

Pokeyman woke up after being knocked out, everything was blurry. He glimpsed to his side and saw Jacob trying to get into the heavy armed room that held Pokeyman’s voice. Jacob had a pocket knife and scissors that were hacking at the wall. Pokeyman stood up feet by feet and limped over to Jacob and said stop Jacob there's a better end to this, Jacob looked at Pokeyman and sighed then Jacob continued.

Pokeyman said quietly, “Jacob I'll pay for you to get singing lessons then you can be the best singer in the world, better than than than me”.
Jacob stopped and helped Pokeyman up and walked him over to the couch and sat him down. They talked for hours. All of a sudden Pokeyman said, “Let's go and organise you some singing lessons, NOW”.  

Will Jacob make it to Number 1 on the top music charts?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Riley's dream big

 WALT:Make changes to show excellence in school design

What changes do I need to make to achieve excellence in school design?

Teacher Directed
Learner Directed
Extended Abstract
Learner Autonomous
I can describe several ideas for creating school designs.

What changes do I need to make to achieve excellence in school design?

I can describe several ideas for creating school designs.


I can compare and contrast ideas between Oaklands School in 2016 and what it could look like in the future.
I can describe several ideas for creating school designs.


I can compare and contrast ideas between Oaklands School in 2016 and what it could look like in the future.


I can look at these qualities in a new way by creating and presenting an idea for what Oaklands School might look like in the future.