Saturday, 15 July 2017

Home Learning Challenge (C6) (Merit week 5, blog post 15)

Over the weekend I decided to clean out my draws and give them to someone in need. I filled up a bag of clothes to give away.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Pals (merit week 5, blog post 14)

Today Maddy L and I had PALs, we did stilts and shooting hoops with the little kids. We had over 30+ people come to out activity which is great. The little kids looked like they were having a lot of fun. I showed community by giving up my lunch time to run an activity for the little kids.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Technology (merit week 5, blog post 13)

Today the year 7/8s went to Tech at Lincoln. I'm in design, today I put my name on the list to get my 3D design printed. I also cut out the shape for my pillow and made a little pillow. While I was at Tech I showed community because I was tidying up at the end really well and got chosen to get a lolly.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Current Events Term 2, 2017

WALT: I can successfully research a current event.
Here is a link to our online modelling book for this unit of learning.

The National Standard that I have been aiming for during this unit of learning is:

  • Year 7/8: I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes.

Each week we have read a short text about a current event/ topic. We then formed questions based on what we had read.  After this we researched the answers to our questions and finally we gave our opinions on what we had found out.

Here is some evidence of my learning.

My Next Step is to continue to  apply the reading and  research skills that I have learned in a variety of other areas.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Home learning challenge (E6) (Merit week 4, blog post 12)

Family Holiday 
Where to: Los Angeles
2 adults, 3 kids
Our budget: $6,000

Flights: $648 per person one way

Total: $3,240 

Accommodation: $329 for family per night 
Total: $658

Taxis+Buses: $300

Spending money: $800 per day 
Total: $1,600

Out total: $5,798 
Which leave us $202 extra for souvenirs 

Friday, 30 June 2017

Pals (merit week 4, blog post 11)

Today I was on PALs with Maddy L, we ran stilts. We had over 20 kids come to are activity, thats good but usually we get 30+ but since Jump Jam was on most of the juniors went to that. I helped out a little girl that fell over and I took her to Mrs Harris to get a ice pack. While I was there I showed the learner qualities of resilience when not many people were at our activity I didn't give up and leave.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Technology (merit week 4, blog post 10)

Today the year 7/8's went to technology at Lincoln, on the bus I was respecting it by not picking on the seats even though there were lots of holes.At technology I'm in design and today we watched a video about phones and what the were like in the 1980s. Then we filled in sheet a and b and started making our prototypes. I finished my prototype and it looked good. I'm making a pillow with "Ohio" on one side and "OFC" on the other side, I'm doing this project with Anneke. We hot glued on the writing for our prototype because there wasn't anything else to do it with. I showed respect by not talking while the teacher was talking and on the bus by not shouting across it.