Thursday, 17 December 2015

My year!

Being a year 5 has been awesome.
This year I went to Year 5 living springs camp that was a blast when we go too see the country side and get to know all the people in my class.
All so this year I got the chance to go to Orana wildlife park it was really cool to see all the cheeky,friendly and funny animals. I leant a lot about the wild life!

I got some much opportunity's to do things since i was officially a senior student.
I got my Bronze,Sliver and Gold this year!

I wonder what year 6 could bring me?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Word work week 7 term 3.

WALT:look in a dictionary and search up the letter at the start of our name and make a paragraph about all of the words.

What I learnt was to search up the letter of R in my name and make a sentence out of all the words I found.  

My next step is make it funny - I found it hard to make the sentences funny with the words I found. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Peace dove week 6.

WALT relate to others. 

This is my peace dove that we made for peace week about what people think we are.

What I learnt was that I was wrong about what I thought I was and that others think that I'm better. 
What we did was write down on others paper what we thought they were. Everyone had to try write on everyone's paper a positive comment or word to describe them. 

My next step is to try to and have more faith in myself that the good things people wrote are true. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


WALT describe a character 
What I leant was to describe a person with what they look like and what did they do.
My next step is to describe the character bit more.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The joke

 WALT write a story about a thing that you don't know about

.Work on writing week 1 term 3.

           !The joke!

One summery hot January day Mr Philips woke up from a horrible nights sleep. He looked in the mirror and glimpsed at his normal face with boogers and potatoes stuck in his beard. Someone would die if they looked at him. Here comes the gross bit he put all the bugs in his hair he killed over all the years. Mr Philips hadn’t showered in 36 years (That’s how old Mr Philips was). If you were wanting to know Mr Philips real name is Trevor.

Mr Philips lived in a horrible  old caravan with a broken tv and a bed that know one knows how long it hasn’t  been made for. He also had a broken kitchen table. But, Trevor has two friends, it’s remarkable that he actually has friends called Michel De Santa and Franklin Clinton. Trevor did not appreciate them. Franklin came  up to visit trevor to tell him something special. Trevor saw Franklin at the door he was screaming like an ape. Franklin had not seen trevor in 16 years. Franklin asked Trevor “where did you come from? And how are you still living?”
“Well I’m here so I should tell you Trevor.”
“What?” said Trevor. “Just tell me.”
“Ok you might flip but I got a girlfriend named Nicky …………….” Part 2 out soon.  
My next step is to do a better story about a made up character.

Image result for trevor philips

Word work Week 1, Term 3

WALT spell new words right.

If you watch really closely you can see the end of a rainbow.

I hopped on the trapoline.

I love my parents.

The guard  was watching the Queens house. 

It happened she broke her arm and leg.

For cross contry we ran across the field.

You go to the hospital when you are really badly sick.

Some people get hit by lightning.

I probably  should go home now.

I grabbed my lunch box.

my next step is to put these words in my work

Creative writing Week 1 Term 3

                                WALT write creatively with lots of descriptive language.

I learnt about how to make my stories more interesting to hook the reader.

My next  step is to make more of a story line.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

2.7.15 Riley animal mash up.

information report

WALT:use our imaginations to combine interesting animals characteristics.

The Unicat the worlds weirdest animal. A unicorn and a cat ran into each other, and turned into a Unicat. The top of the head is unicorn and the bottom bit is cat. Here are 2 facts about the Unicat. It has rainbow hair that glows so you can see it. They also like to play in clean, freezing cold water.

The unicat uses its ears to eat. It is a really weird animal to have. The type of food the unicat eats is rainbicks (cat biscuits mixed with rainbows) they do not eat other food, if you do they will fart really smelly farts - so beware! They get their food from people who visit them (as they are so popular) and give them the tasty treats.

If you were wanting to know were the great UniCats live you will most likely find UniCats at the end of a rainbows. Because it feels really natural to the animals. They live in New Zealand, New York,rainbow land and open spaces.

UniCats seem to react weird when humans are not around. Like one time we left a someones phone there and they run round making a mess. We all think the look stunning but be ware they are little devils from hell. They are happy when they are with other UniCats they act like there so so so so so happy when friends.

One thing you should know about UniCats that they are 2 centimetres tall.
My next step is to get my spelling better and to make it more interesting.
What I did was write a information report about the animal unicat I made up.
By Riley Betman😄


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1.7.15 Word work

In the school holidays i'm going to see my gran.

I'm allowed to go to my grandmas house.

All ways believe in your self.

I got a chocolate Easter egg for Easter.

In my bank account I have 50 dollars.

I think of other people before MYSELF

I like to play with my friends.

At least I TRIED 

Everything is possible.

You finally did it.

Monday, 29 June 2015


.W.A.L.T spell new words right.

I got the word chocolate wrong so I got some 
play doh and hand fitted them and shaped them.Then I pushed them on to the table and took a photo.
I leant how to spell that word right.

My next step is to put the word into my work 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Te reo Maori

                          Te reo Maori
W.A.L.T pronce my Maori.

these are the words i have praticing in my Maori vocabulary.
My next step is to pratice my sentines 

Monday, 22 June 2015

if i had wings

                                             If i had wings
W.A.L.T write creatively with lots of Descriptive language.

One day I woke up with my back really hurting.I wondered what it was.I asked my mum "mum my back really hurts can you check my back please?"She flipped out like a pig running round.I asked her why she flipped she said "because Riley you have wings on your back". I didn't believe her at the start then she took a photo and showed me.I was really happy about it I always wanted wings.So I ran into my room and made a plan for what I was going to do with my wings. First step, learn how to fly. Next step, fly. All done. I went outside and looked around.The zombie apocalypse was here I saw lots of zombies coming so I ran back inside. Bad day to fly so I ran into the lab and grabbed my machine gun and ran back outside. Now I had to put my wings to use. I screamed out to my mum "mum the zombie apocalypse is here and coming to our house." Now Mars came crashing down to earth. I said to myself 'if this will be my last day I'll make it the best day.' I flew up really high, as high as a plane could go. I put some bullets in the gun and fired it I shot a million zombies.It started to become dark but we couldn't sleep I said to my mum. I came back down to my house and mum and I tried to sleep in the lab. We locked every single door in the house. But that was not my last day with wings. When I woke up my wings were flying me everywhere. Now Jupiter came crashing down. boom! boom! boom!  I died no wings, no life, it was my last day. My mum took my wings and flew to Australia, away from America where know one could find her.
                                            ✨The End ✨
My next step is to make it more interesting.

Word work

W.A.L.T spell new words correctly 

I love the school holidays.
I'm allowed to go to the mall.
I believe I can fly.
I love to eat Chocolate.
I have 102 dollars.
I love Myself.
i'm so tired.
I have lots of friends.
Everything is awesome
Finally I finished the race.

My next step is to spell my word right and use the words in my work

My blogging

W.A.L.T write creativity with lots of descriptive language.

I leant to make my work have more detail.
My next step is to make my work a bit more people in it and make it a lot more interesting 😃

Friday, 19 June 2015

Tell reo maroi

Walt practice te reo Maori I'm learning to say my Maori vocabulary
Next step is to use the words In sentences 

My self portrait

W.A.L.T research an artist to inspire us
I learnt to draw heads better then before and make me look real we started off by are own pitcher and then we turn them in to self portraits.
My next step is to practice drawing my teeth 
I feel really proud of my work because I put effort in to it

Monday, 15 June 2015

W.A.L.T spell new words correctly

W.A.L.T:spell new words correctly


Why oh why did I stay up to late last night I'm so tried.
Me and my friend stayed up to late were tried.
I have been writing all my word I got wrong in my spelling test and post them on my blog

My next step is to sound out my word before i write.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

W.A.L.T:Spell new words correctly

W.A.L.T:Spell new word correctly     9/6/15
I have been writing my spelling that I got wrong in my test I got the word friends wrong.

Friends:I have lots of friends like Charlotte is my friend Ella is my friend Jessica is my friend Amelia is my.whole class my friend.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My week

                              My week 

This week I have been learning about forces and moshen.All so we have been doing sport,winter sport,paper planes,reading and writing.We were writing about are fitness.We all brain stromed about are fitness and we all so did a hamburger plan.That was my week 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The person I look up to

                  The person I look up to

Oaklands School 
Cunningham place 
8025 christchurch 
13th of may Dear messyourself

My name is Riley Betman I am a year 5 student at Oaklands school.You are the best youtuber in the WORLD I really look up to you.You all ways make me laugh a lot and when im sad i watch your videos wicth makes me happy.One day I hope to be a youtuber like you.You are my future.I have some questions to ask you my first one is are you going to post some more GTA5 videos I really like to wacth them my next question is how can you be so funny that is all my questions.Thank you so much for making me laugh and happy.
From Riley Betman
              The person I look up to

Oaklands School 
Cunningham place
11th  May 2015

Dear Ariana Grande 

My name is Riley Betman I go to Oaklands school I am a year 5 student.You are the best singer in the world I hope I could met you one day.I hope you stay as the best singer in the WORLD.I have a couple of questions to ask you my first one is how old are you my second one is how is your boyfriend that is all my questions.
Yours sincerely,
 Riley Betman.

Friday, 1 May 2015

My week

My week
This week I have been to swimming lessens a star fish we have been learning back stroke and stream line.we played games there like rockets and mush class we learnt about war and we have done some ANZAC book lits. I had a great week

My spelling

My spelling

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Helping with tea

 Helping mum with tea

chopping the vegetables

and then we put them in the pan


next we put in the sauce

   now we grated the cheese                 

putting in mince


last putting on the cheese