Thursday, 23 July 2015

The joke

 WALT write a story about a thing that you don't know about

.Work on writing week 1 term 3.

           !The joke!

One summery hot January day Mr Philips woke up from a horrible nights sleep. He looked in the mirror and glimpsed at his normal face with boogers and potatoes stuck in his beard. Someone would die if they looked at him. Here comes the gross bit he put all the bugs in his hair he killed over all the years. Mr Philips hadn’t showered in 36 years (That’s how old Mr Philips was). If you were wanting to know Mr Philips real name is Trevor.

Mr Philips lived in a horrible  old caravan with a broken tv and a bed that know one knows how long it hasn’t  been made for. He also had a broken kitchen table. But, Trevor has two friends, it’s remarkable that he actually has friends called Michel De Santa and Franklin Clinton. Trevor did not appreciate them. Franklin came  up to visit trevor to tell him something special. Trevor saw Franklin at the door he was screaming like an ape. Franklin had not seen trevor in 16 years. Franklin asked Trevor “where did you come from? And how are you still living?”
“Well I’m here so I should tell you Trevor.”
“What?” said Trevor. “Just tell me.”
“Ok you might flip but I got a girlfriend named Nicky …………….” Part 2 out soon.  
My next step is to do a better story about a made up character.

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  1. I really like your recount Riley,the funny words are really inspiring I really enjoyed your recount it really put a picture in my head but next time use a bit more puntuation