Monday, 22 June 2015

if i had wings

                                             If i had wings
W.A.L.T write creatively with lots of Descriptive language.

One day I woke up with my back really hurting.I wondered what it was.I asked my mum "mum my back really hurts can you check my back please?"She flipped out like a pig running round.I asked her why she flipped she said "because Riley you have wings on your back". I didn't believe her at the start then she took a photo and showed me.I was really happy about it I always wanted wings.So I ran into my room and made a plan for what I was going to do with my wings. First step, learn how to fly. Next step, fly. All done. I went outside and looked around.The zombie apocalypse was here I saw lots of zombies coming so I ran back inside. Bad day to fly so I ran into the lab and grabbed my machine gun and ran back outside. Now I had to put my wings to use. I screamed out to my mum "mum the zombie apocalypse is here and coming to our house." Now Mars came crashing down to earth. I said to myself 'if this will be my last day I'll make it the best day.' I flew up really high, as high as a plane could go. I put some bullets in the gun and fired it I shot a million zombies.It started to become dark but we couldn't sleep I said to my mum. I came back down to my house and mum and I tried to sleep in the lab. We locked every single door in the house. But that was not my last day with wings. When I woke up my wings were flying me everywhere. Now Jupiter came crashing down. boom! boom! boom!  I died no wings, no life, it was my last day. My mum took my wings and flew to Australia, away from America where know one could find her.
                                            ✨The End ✨
My next step is to make it more interesting.

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