Friday, 6 May 2016

Riley's Diary

WALT:View the world from another person's point of view.

Dear Diary
Today has been a miserable day. First of all having to go fall down like I'm suiciding into a grubby old trenches. Then getting the worst pain in the whole entire universe, getting shot with a rifle in the arm and breaking it!!! Oh and going to war normally is bad.

My alarm clock went off the sound of my alarm clock is gunshots at least I know that I need to hurry up or else I'll die. This morning I had to army crawl to breakfast. AW I army crawled in  Samantha’s (Our messenger dog) doggy poo. I passed a couple of dead bodies on the way, it was so terrorizing  just thinking about all of those poor, families who have lost their loved ones and don’t even know it yet.

I'm seconds away from kitchen until…….. All I hear is people crying lightly like a soft pillow, people screaming for mercy. We all didn't see it coming. A grenade hit as like lightning. I looked down at my body and there was blood everywhere, it looked like a murder scene. I glanced over to right and saw Mark, my comrade, lying there. I tried to call out to him but my voice was way too damaged. I thought it was my end.

I still hear gun shots gettin fired. I hardly hear sirens going on and on and on I prayed that they would take me, all I can feel is this bullet inside of me. I passed out, my whole world was black. I wake up to someone talking to me they said that I blacked out for weeks.
The young lady said to me. “You have no choice but you have to go back to New Zealand since you were in blackout for weeks we have to send you home, we can't trust that it will not happen again”.
A little tear rips down my eye. I didn't want this to happen. As bad as I want to go home I want to stay i'm letting other people die. The lady takes me to this massive boat, I am slowly pushed up the ramp and say a sweet farewell to my new family.

It was a 6 week boat  ride wow lots of life taken things have happened this week. I see my wee daughter she's so grown up after all of these years. I feel so great full  to be home finally but I still remember and pray that the rest of the soldiers will be safe.

“Night world.”


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